Resources for Parents of GLBTQ Kids

NJ Gay Youth Resource Guide

A safe place in Bergen County for gay teens to meet -
    "B-Ray" Bergen Rainbow Youth - Ethical Culture Society building, Teaneck NJ
                    ( B-Ray is temporarily not operating... until possibly Spring or Summer 2007 or so.)

     "OnQ" for LGBTQQI teens between the ages of 14 and 18 who wish to talk
                 about issues related to sexual or gender identity in a free, confidential
                 and affirming group environment. Meetings are
                 Saturdays from 1pm to 3pm in Summit, NJ (2 blocks from the train station).
                 For info, call 908-277-9071 or email.

The "Nature vs. Nurture" debate - resource material
    Homosexuality IS genetic (audio, Gary Null, PhD)
    Biology of Sexual Attraction (PDF)
    Hormones and Sexual Attraction (audio, The Infinite Mind)
    Hormones and the Brain (audio, Armand DiMele)
    A Genetic Study (flyer, PDF)


   NJ Coalition for Bullying Awareness and Prevention (resources, URL)

The mission of the NJ Coalition for Bullying Awareness and Prevention is to increase community awareness of bullying as a common serious problem of school-age children and to advocate for the implementation of effective bullying prevention approaches in the State of New Jersey.

    Update of research on Bullying - radio "The Infinite Mind" 8 April 2007 (audio and text)    
    Family's Guide to Handling Anti-Gay (LGBTQ) Harassment (resource, PDF)
    "Oliver Button is a Star" - an excellent video for young people (info, URL)    
    Use of the word "gay" by school kids -- BBC-worldwide: report broadcast 2006 July 14
    Being gay in British schools (audio, BBC)
    Gay Teens fight discrimination and bullying (news, PDF)
    Countering Bullies (audio, NPR 061226)
    Anti-bullying task force in Rhode Island (news, PDF)
    Experience of a muslim in school (similar to what happens to gay kids) (audio, This Amer. Life)
    Bullying in Paramus, NJ school system (news, PDF)
    Research study: increased TV = increased bullying (news, PDF)
    NJ Educational Law Center: legal representation regarding school discipline (resource, PDF)
    Resources for "Safe and Drug-Free Schools" (resource search, URL)
    Good movie about bullying "The Mighty" (info, URL)
    Movie about bullying of LGBT kids, made by two gay teens, "We Belong" (info, URL)
    Workplace Bullying (but has good information) (info, URL)    

Legal Stuff
    L.W. v. Toms River Bullying Case Decisions (court decisions, URL)
    Package of resources regarding Bullying and how to deal with it. (legal resources, PDF)
    Example of NJ school district anti-bullying action plan (GlenRidge, NJ) (legal, PDF)

Counselling Services - GLBTQ Friendly
    Pride Institute at Summit Oaks Hospital (flyer, PDF)
    "Straight, now gay - what's next?" (flyer, PDF)
    [Note: neither Bergen PFLAG nor National PFLAG have evaluated these providers.]

"Reparitive Therapy" issues (claims of conversion from "gay" to "straight")
   Position of PFLG National
      PFLAG Issues Paper
      June 30, 2006
      Sept. 20, 2005
      July 26, 2005
      Reprint of "SocialWork Today" magazine, May/June 2005
   ABC-TV "Prime Time" segment (see Chapter Library for CD with this program)
        if you have high-speed internet and want to download or view directly...
            (video, ABC-TV, 050726)  (video, ABC-TV, 050728)

Parental Support

    Letter from a mother (PDF)
    BergenPFLAG reply to a concerned mother (PDF)
    A mom answers a relative's homophobic letter (PDF)
    Catholic Families Advocating Respect and Justice fo for their Gay & Lesbian Children

        Newsletter, June 2006 (PDF)
        Newsletter, Dec. 2006 (PDF)
    Parental role models (Dear Abby, PDF)
    Univ. of Maryland Parental Survey (PDF)

Transgender Issues
    Radio: Going Both Ways (transgender issues) (news, WNYC)
    Japan: 7 year old transgender boy (news, PDF)
    NJ Transgender Youth group (flyer, PDF)
    Supporting Boys or Girls When the Line Isn’t Clear (NYTimes, PDF)

Rights of GLBTQ Youth
    SANTA ANA, Calif. - 2005 Nov. 25 -
        A federal judge ruled that a lesbian student can sue her school district
        and her principal for revealing her homosexuality to her mother. 
    Student cannot be expelled for being lesbian (Calif.) (PDF)
    Gay Teens Fight Back (news, PDF)
    Senior at the University of the Cumberlands is expelled
        after posting on the Internet that he's gay. (video, 060426)

Sex Education Issues

    Sex Ed in British Schools (news 061127, PDF)

Dealing with sexual orientation, gender identity, depression, etc.

     The Trevor Project

          About the Project

          TREVOR - the film

          Support & Resources finder

          The Trevor Teaching Guide

Sexual orientation and gender identity alone are not risk factors for suicide. However, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth face many social factors that put them at higher risk for self-destructive behaviors, including suicide.

The Trevor Project believes that the high rates of suicide are preventable. To this end, we created The Trevor Teaching Guide, a classroom tool to be used in conjunction with the short film, TREVOR, to constructively generate discussion about the myriad of issues surrounding suicide, personal identity and sexual orientation.

Through education and frank, open discussions with all youth about the issues that cause them to feel isolated, alone, misunderstood and "different" from their peers, we can make a difference. By empowering our youth, we make them gatekeepers of one another’s lives.

          Read questions that teens ask